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19 August 2023
by Eero Pärgmäe
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Adacel Technologies Estonia joined the Estonian Aviation Cluster

In August 2023, Adacel Technologies Estonia OÜ became the 30th member of the Estonian Aviation Cluster. Adacel is an industry leader in advanced air traffic management solutions and simulation and training systems. 

Georg Mäll, Adacel’s Project Manager, is excited about the new membership: “This is the beginning of a long-awaited collaboration that further enables our small, but driven and passionate team to contribute to the common success story of our local aviation.”

“On behalf of the Board of Air Traffic Services Estonia, I welcome Adacel Technologies Estonia OÜ, our newest member of the Aviation Cluster. We have enjoyed a productive business relationship with Adacel for more than a year, and we are very happy with the stand-alone remote ATS tower solution we developed together. We hope Adacel’s membership in the Aviation Cluster will create new opportunities to develop leading solutions to further push boundaries on what’s possible in aviation. Estonia is a small, but technologically progressive country. No doubt, our innovations are helping advance safety in global aviation,” shares Ivar Värk, Chairman of the Board of Air Traffic Services, as he looks forward to future cooperation with Adacel.

“We extend our best wishes for success and resilience to Adacel, our newest Estonian Aviation Cluster member.  Our collaboration in the realm of air traffic management, particularly in bringing to life stand-alone tower solutions in Estonian regional airports, has already proven successful,” says Jaan Tamm, the Head of the Estonian Aviation Cluster, in his welcoming message to Adacel. 

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