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03 May 2022
by Eero Pärgmäe
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AG Handling adopts Qstep cargo handling software at Riga airport

Latvia-based cargo handler AG Handling SIA has onboarded a new generation SaaS-based air cargo handling platform from Qstep for its handling operations at Riga International Airport (RIX). The cargo operator who handles, among other, Lufthansa and LOT Polish Airlines, went live with a Tallinn-based software platform Qstep in Q1 2022, thus marking a new era of how air cargo is handled in the biggest air cargo hub in the Baltic states.

“Having long-term experience in cargo handling in Riga, we went through a detailed selection process to choose the best available air cargo terminal handling system available for our size and type of business. Apart from only reviewing the tender documents, we also visited many locations where systems we reviewed were operating, in the end we felt Qstep was the right choice,” says Gunars Peize, director of AG Handling.

“Now, when we have been operating Qstep for several months already, we have received positive input from cargo forwarding community who now have much more control over both their export shipments starting from the moment they pre-advice shipments in our extranet (Qclient), giving us a possibility to plan the flow of resources in the warehouse, as well as their import shipments – having clear notifications showing transparent storage conditions and costs, complemented with automated invoicing,” he continues.

“All in all, compared to previously used systems where we basically had a weakly integrated warehouse, cargo handling and invoicing modules, we now have a reliable system providing all cargo terminal and invoicing functionalities in one place. Also, important to note we now have not only all messaging to airline systems automated, but also integration to Latvian Customs electronic data system”, wraps up Mr.Peize.

“For Qstep the move marks a new chapter in its international expansion as Riga becomes fourth airport where our air cargo handling platform is being deployed after Helsinki, Tallinn and Vilnius”, says Haiti Arendi, CEO of Qstep.

“Qstep platform enables all essential elements in a single window, from cargo operations and paperless warehouse management to automatic and intuitive communications with various stakeholders. In-built intelligence helps to prevent any unchecked shipments to be loaded to the aircraft such as security or DGR check. Invoices are automatically generated based on the actions performed in the warehouse which substantially increases the efficiency in the back office as well”, he concludes.

About AG Handling

AG Handling Ltd. has been providing aviation cargo handling services at Riga International Airport since 2007, when the company established its warehouse in the newly built airport cargo terminal. As of 2022 AG Handling operates two cargo terminals in Riga airport, one airside and another in close proximity to the airport in a brand new cargo complex.

About Qstep

Qstep logiciel OÜ is headquartered in Tallinn (Estonia) and is one of the leaders in digital innovation for air cargo and ecommerce supply chains. Founded in 2014, the company has expanded its proprietary platforms to five air cargo hubs across the EU. Qstep solutions are made and tested in-house and are offered on a SaaS basis. Qstep also operates an ecommerce logistics SaaS platform for new postal service companies currently being deployed in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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