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11 April 2022
by Eero Pärgmäe
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Direct, of course! Tallinn Airport’s summer schedule offers a record 50 destinations

The end of March saw Tallinn Airport switch to its summer flight schedule, which brings with it both more frequent and more direct flights to a record number of destinations ripe for discovery. Regular flights will be operating this summer to 36 destinations, tickets for which can be purchased directly from the websites of 15 airlines. There will also be a range of charter flights, for which tickets are available from travel agencies.

Management board member Eero Pärgmäe says both the airport and the airlines it serves are optimistic about the season ahead. “COVID restrictions were still having a major impact on aviation last year, but the summer 2022 flight schedule is a sure sign that the industry is recovering, that people are itching to travel again and that airlines are looking to take them to interesting new destinations,” he said. “A number of carriers have told us that their Tallinn routes are more successful than average, which makes us even more convinced we’ll be serving a lot of passengers this summer.”

Pärgmäe says that a sense of security is also being restored among travellers. “It’s great to see people flying again, with the old patterns starting to reassert themselves,” he remarked. “Whereas last year people were planning things just two or three weeks in advance, we’re now seeing that that’s extended out to four to eight weeks on average. Which makes now the perfect time to start planning your summer travels!”

Airlines are rapidly reinstating familiar routes and opening new ones ahead of the high season. For example, Ryanair is now giving travellers the chance to visit Nuremburg and has started flying again to Dublin; Wizz Air launched flights to Venice in March and has recommenced flights to Naples, Rome and Oslo (Torp); and Aegean Airlines has begun flying once more to Athens. Meanwhile, a total of 13 routes are being offered by airBaltic, including flights to the popular holiday destinations of Malaga and Nice.

Regular flights will be offered this summer to Antalya in Turkey, operated by new airline SunExpress. Other Turkish resorts will also be served by numerous charter flights, as will the Greek islands and other Mediterranean hotspots. Package holidays and direct flights are also available to Montenegro, Portugal, Madeira and Tunisia – destinations which have not featured on the airport’s charter flight schedule every year.

Pärgmäe reminded passengers that regardless of the improvement in the coronavirus situation and the easing or lifting of restrictions in some places, they should check the requirements in their country of destination before setting off. “Restrictions are tending to be lifted just about everywhere, but we strongly recommend reviewing the rules before travelling by using the IATA Timatic app on the airport’s website or consulting the Reisi Targalt website,” he advised. “Passengers should also check which preventive measures their airline still has in place, since some are still requiring passengers to wear masks on board, even if they’re no longer mandatory in Estonia.”

The summer flight schedule is in effect from 27 March-29 October 2022.

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