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15 July 2021
by Eero Pärgmäe
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EAC newest member KrattWorks combats landscape fires with a help of drone technology

2019 Prototron startup competition winner KrattWorks has recently joined Estonian Aviation Cluster to strengthen its partnerships with other members in the field.

KrattWorks develops autonomous surveillance system for combatting landscape fires with Machine Vision and AI. Every year, landscape fires destroy globally ca 500 million Hectares of land, an area equal to 50% of US territory. The overall cost of landscape fires can be estimated about $91 billion every year and annual death toll as high as 300 000 human lives. Unfortunately the situation is getting only worse year by year.

Unfortunately rescue teams have to rely on outdated technology in situations where every wasted minute can cost human lives.

KrattWork’s technology helps to fight the global disaster by early detection and efficient monitoring of landscape fires. The unlimited operational range of the drone allows to use them in remote locations and over long distances. Onboard artificial intelligence and machine vision enable more efficient fire line detection and provide real-time situational awareness for firefighters. Thanks to early detection, fires are put out more quickly, resulting in reduced damage to forests and habitats.

“Our further mission is to reduce the impact that we as humans have on the climate. The global amount of CO2emitted by forest fires equals 500 million tons every year and KrattWorks mission is to reduce the total global emissions by 1%. KrattWorks helps fire fighters to understand where the fire is and where it will most likely spread, so they could contain the fire before it reaches out of control,” explained Mattias Luha, CEO of KrattWorks.

KrattWorks technology can be easily used to cover other fields of activity as well: providing rapid situational awareness for rescue workers, defense forces and police, running complex security operations, mapping landscape and monitor infrastructure.

There are 3 ways to use KrattWorks system – as SaaS, as clip-on gimbal to existing aerial vehicle or as complete system with gimbal and UAV. KrattWorks is also producing different components and products to use with existing Unmanned Aerial Systems – 4G/LTE cellular radio module, drone nest etc.

KrattWorks has won international acclaim for their efforts and progress. After winning Prototron competition in 2019 the company has been selected to participate in the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation center, is “My Galileo Drone2021 competition“ semifinalist among the other space-tech startups from all over the Europe, has received a development grant from the Estonian Ministry of Defense and is the winner of Euroregion AAA accelerator’s “Innovation and cooperation against climate change” challenge, organized by Finnova.

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