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22 September 2021
by Eero Pärgmäe
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EKLT Ltd. Selects Feeport to Automate Customs Clearance of Parcels, Accelerating Processing Time Tenfold

A Tallinn-based eCommerce logistics tech company Feeport signed a cooperation agreement with EKLT Ltd., the UPS Authorized Service Contractor in Estonia. EKLT uses Feeport’s next generation X7trade platform to transform its customs clearance process by automating the import declaration of bulk low-value (under 150 EUR) eCommerce goods imported into Estonia.

The deal marks the first time Feeport has onboarded a global parcel and logistics service provider onto the X7trade platform, which is developed and managed from Feeport’s head office and R&D center in Tallinn. X7trade is a neutral cross-border e-commerce SaaS platform for B2B and B2C supply chain members to streamline and automate the customs clearance process.

EKLT has already achieved superior results by incorporating Feeport’s X7trade platform into its processing workflow. “With X7trade platform life got easier both in our warehouse as well as in the back-office. Firstly, we have freed our warehouse of low-value ecommerce parcels which don’t pile up anymore, like they used to. After one day of usage of Feeport´s X7trade platform the release speed of parcels from the warehouse increased by 70%. It also gave us more space in the warehouse helping our staff to quicker find the parcels as well as improved our fleet planning, “says Marina Nikitina, management board member at EKLT ltd.

Feeport built the platform to help supply chain members stay compliant under the new EU VAT eCommerce Package, which entered into effect on 1 July 2021, removing VAT exemption on imported goods valued under 22EUR. Additionally, the X7trade is fully GDPR compliant, keeping end customers’ personal data safe and secure.

“When we built the X7trade platform, we did so with a holistic view of the supply chain, taking into account all stakeholders, regulations and variables,” said Egor Paanukoski, one of the founders and Board Member of Feeport. “Therefore, we don’t only deliver time-savings solutions for logistics service providers, but we do so in a way that is energy efficient, completely compliant on all sides, and improves the entire supply chain, down to the end customers whom receiver their packages in a faster and more secure way.”

EKLT Ltd. has experienced first-hand the improve supply chain created by Feeport’s X7trade platform. “Thanks to X7trade platform our processing speed of parcels has increased manifold and we don’t get overwhelmed anymore with calls from our clients inquiring about their parcels. Why? Because now we are able to deliver most of the parcels on the next day of our plane´s arrival, “she continued.

“Secondly, it is all about the efficiency. For X7trade platform it takes 5 to 10 minutes to declare our entire daily volume of low-value ecommerce parcels arriving by plane to Tallinn airport. If we would be doing it manually, we would have to hire at least four people to perform this monotonous task on a daily basis.  Unlike some other companies in the logistics chain who opted to hire more people to comply with new regulations for declaring low-value ecommerce goods, we now understand that we made the right decision by choosing X7trade automatic solution which increased our overall efficiency,” added Marina Nikitina.

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