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04 March 2021
by Eero Pärgmäe
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Estonian Aviation Academy opens a novel Commercial Aviation Management programme in English

This autumn, the Estonian Aviation Academy will open a new international programme that for the first time, in addition to traditional teaching methods, uses simulation software that imitates operating an airline. Both Estonian and foreign students with at least secondary education who want to become specialists with international qualifications are invited to apply.

The newly developed programme is unique in the field because the theoretical teaching uses Simio simulation software, which makes authentic and detailed imitation of the key processes in airline companies possible. “The software helps us train specialists who can use detailed modelling to find the best processes for operating an airline,” said Programme Director Kristjan Roosipõld. He added that the programme works closely with several aviation companies to give students the closest possible experience of operating them.

One of the aforementioned co-operation partners is Tallinn Airport. According to he airport’ss Chief Commercial Officer Eero Pärgmae, aviation is a quickly and constantly evolving field that, just like the city of Tallinn, will never be completed. “The last year has shown us how important it is to be able to react quickly, to see the big picture, and to understand the system in order to adapt to constantly changing circumstances and thus ensure the company’s continuity,” said Pargmäe. He believes that this is why it’s important, in addition to the continuous training of today’s staff, to have a future generation of professionals who are not afraid to take risks and make difficult decisions to ensure the company’s sustainability.

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