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04 November 2021
by Eero Pärgmäe
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Feeport enters Dutch logistics market with a new software platform

A Tallinn-based eCommerce logistics tech company Feeport has connected its proprietary software platform –  x7trade  – to the Dutch Customs new declaration system for the import of eCommerce goods – DECO, thus allowing automated declaration of bulk low-value (value below 150 Eur) eCommerce goods imported into or via the Netherlands from third countries.

Founded by a renowned group of logistics and customs professionals, Feeport has developed a neutral SaaS-based platform – x7trade – through which imported bulk low-value B2C eCommerce goods´ declarations can be automatically lodged to EU Member States´ Customs IT systems, speeding up processing of eCommerce parcels at key logistics hubs manifold.

“Being a neutral technology service provider, we are not competing with the supply chain stakeholders, instead we empower them with our technology, be it a customs broker, a logistics or postal service provider or an integrator,” explains mr. Haiti Arendi, co-founder of Feeport. “Amsterdam is one of the key logistics hubs in Europe and it is important that arrived goods are delivered to the end consumers across Europe without delay. Our platform enables to declare thousands of low-value ecommerce goods in a matter of minutes with no or little human intervention. This can be a game changer for small and big logistics companies operating at such logistics hubs like Schiphol Airport where time and planning is of crucial importance”, he adds.

“We have successfully tested the connection with the new Dutch customs declaration system for the import of e-commerce goods – DECO and are ready for the production mode in the Netherlands capable of automatically clearing thousands of low-value eCommerce parcels in a matter of minutes”, says mr. Arendi.

Despite being a relatively new player on the market, Feeport has already signed into its platform United Parcel Service (UPS) authorized service contractor in Estonia and made first steps in expanding internationally by adding a new generation of eCommerce logistics clients from Finland and the Netherlands.

x7trade platform is already in production mode in Estonia and Finland processing thousands of declarations daily. Feeport eyes further integrations with more EU Member States´ import Customs systems depending on customer´s preferences. Feeport has been listed by Dutch Customs among other software providers for submitting electronic customs declarations in the Netherlands. More information:

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