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20 July 2021
by Eero Pärgmäe
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Feeport officially joins Estonian Aviation Cluster

Feeport is a Tallinn-based business technology enterprise that develops a software platform – X7trade – which enables a seamless customs clearance process of eCommerce goods imported into the European Union from third countries. The platform already has direct and automated connectivity with Estonian and Finnish Customs IT systems allowing for smooth and rapid exchange of data related to the customs clearance of low-value eCommerce goods. Feeport plans to connect its X7trade platform to the Customs IT systems of all 27 EU Member States.

With the adoption of a new EU VAT eCommerce Package on 1 July 2021, the booming eCommerce logistics sector is experiencing one of the biggest regulatory transformations in its recent history.  The removal of low-value import VAT exemption on eCommerce goods and the need to declare each and every imported parcel are the two major new changes that the market players need to take action on.

To tackle these and other related challenges, Feeport has developed an unbiased software platform – X7trade – which enables non-EU businesses like e-retailers, marketplaces, consolidators, and logistics service providers and their EU-based representatives to meet new regulatory requirements and declare eCommerce goods destined for the EU end consumers in a secure and efficient manner.

“In Feeport company, we have gathered a strong team of seasoned logistics and customs professionals backed by experienced tech talent, all based in Tallinn. With the help of our X7trade platform, we also aim to enable Estonia-based logistics, postal and express courier players to stay compliant with the new EU regulation as well as send them a signal not to be afraid of tapping into the booming eCommerce market. The more our solution is used in Estonia, the more sustainable will be the growth of eCommerce cargo at Tallinn airport,” adds Mr. Ojari Paas, a co-founder of Feeport.

For more information about Feeport and its software platform X7trade go to or, or contact us at

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