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04 March 2021
by Eero Pärgmäe
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Future is NOW! Cluster elected Supervisory Board to boost growth

On 17 February this year, the General Meeting of the Estonian Aviation Cluster elected Supervisory Board for the next two years. Magnetic MRO’s CEO Risto Mäeots was elected as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, while partner at Triniti and attorney-at-law Ergo Blumfeldt was elected as Vice Chairman. The role of the Supervisory Board is to be an advisor to the Management Board at a time when aviation is going through big changes and new business models will emerge. One of the Cluster’s ambitions will be to attract a fraction of the global aviation industry multibillion turnover to Estonia.

“We must begin by eradicating the perception that aviation as an industry branch is merely concerned with transportation of passengers. Cluster, with newly appointed Supervisory Board, can have a serious impact on the prompt dismissal of such misunderstandings and the creation of the prerequisites needed to establish a network of exporters with high added value in Estonia through fine-tuned actions,” stated Risto Mäeots.

He was confident that Estonians are capable of attracting at least a small fraction of the annual global turnover of the aviation industry. “Considering that the turnover in aviation design, production, financial services and maintenance comprises ca 500 billion euros each year, even a small fraction of this would constitute an impressive figure,” Mäeots added.

The Supervisory Board of the Estonian Aviation Cluster welcomes top managers working in the aviation sector: Risto Mäeots, Ivar Värk, Riivo Tuvike, Ken Koort as well as two-time ex-Prime Minister, Taavi Rõivas, former CEO of Kredex, Lehar Kütt, Ergo Blumfeldt and Nortal’s partner Taavi Einaste.

General Manager of the Estonian Aviation Cluster Kristo Reinsalu emphasised that the new Supervisory Board will support efforts to make aviation one of the fastest growing and ambitious sectors in the Estonian economy. “I would call it as a dream team where we have one strong player for each position. The kind of aviation that has brought us here will not be taking us any further. We spur the Government to use cleverly resources of the EU Recovery and Resilience Fund by investing into future aviation projects. We promise to become a frontrunner by allowing drones into the airspace, make planes smarter by combining the best ICT knowledge and talents, create carbon-neutral regional air mobility and attract potential multibillion businesses to Estonia – these are our exciting challenges,” explained Kristo Reinsalu.

Image ©️ XTI Aicraft

The activities of the Estonian Aviation Cluster are supported by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Estonia

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