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23 October 2021
by Eero Pärgmäe
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Get to know our people: Hasan Steinberg

Get to know more about our people!

Hasan Steinberg is an Air Cargo Development Manager at Tallinn Airport. He shares some insights about his career, personal life, and advice to youngsters.

  • Why aviation at all? How did you end up working in aviation? How has the journey been so far?

When I think of it, I remember when I was 7 years old and flew a lot with my family. I told my mother that I would become an air traffic controller one day, as I loved seeing airplanes. Then later, a different path was destined for me, and instead of joining air traffic control, I ended up being equipped with much knowledge about the airport, ground services and ad hoc activities. The life in the airport is magnificent, and I believe nobody outside the airport could feel traveling the way the airport community feels – every take off literally feels like leaving home, and every landing feels literally like reaching home. The journey in my career has been very organic, and that is what I love about it the most. As I love to think, I never worked a day in my life as I do what I love and keep it as my hobby.

  • Please describe your current job. What are the main challenges and biggest professional wins?

The tasks here at Tallinn Airport as Air Cargo Development Manager definitely sets several challenges. The era of air cargo is here – opportunities and challenges come along, and our task is to lead the development. The infrastructure is there, but how to make everything work while keeping the highest quality. Challenge is that we have opportunities like we never had before and the amount of resources are not always there. The challenges definitely hide themselves in mapping the right priorities, executing the right business cases, and getting all the existing resources to make all of these great opportunities into a real product.

  • What are your 3 biggest professional goals? Which one is the most challenging and why?

My professional goals certainly are to maintain my personal quality while navigating all the projects. This can be done by delegating the tasks outside of my projects to the other responsible parties and maintaining very strong communication between the community of air cargo representatives in the region. Setting priorities within the wide scope of activities will be the most challenging task, in my opinion.

  • Where can we find you during your spare time?

I am happy to admit that my spare time also relates to aviation by travelling, training Dangerous Goods Trainings and collecting aircraft models (I have over 100 of them just now). Also, I play disc golf, soccer and enjoy entertainment with my friends who, for the most part, share the same values and have sort of a traveling or aviation passion as I do.

  • What is your advice to youngsters and students?

Listen to what your instructors, field experts, future colleagues and work-family have to say. Later, add it up to your own understanding of aviation and somewhere in between relies the truth. It will be the responsibility of each individual to carry on the knowledge, common practice and wisdom to the next aviation generations, and we will all be extremely proud of it once we see the local and global development of sustainable and safe air transport.

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