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26 October 2021
by Eero Pärgmäe
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Get to know our people: Indrek Nõlvak

Get to know more about our people! 

Indrek Nõlvak is a Board Member of Tallinn Airport GH. He shares some insights about his career, personal life, and advice to youngsters.

  • Why aviation at all? How did you end up working in aviation? How has the journey been so far?

I have enjoyed active and operative work all my life. I have always liked and still like it today when stuff is going on around me. But I got into aviation by coincidence – I didn’t have any aviation background, and until then, I worked as the manager of an operational and relatively technical company. During my first week, I was told that I would be in aviation for a short time or forever, and I have to agree with that. For me, aviation is more than just a job – it’s a large number of people who are true fans of what they do.

  • Please describe your current job. What are the main challenges and biggest professional wins?

My role today is to provide ground handling services to airlines at Tallinn Airport in the best possible way. Aside from Covid, today’s business’s main challenge is finding efficiencies by changing work processes and deploying digital solutions. Looking back, the company’s major successes today are the company’s restructuring, which helped  to survive the Corona period, as well as working with airlines, many of which have highly valued our work as partners.

  • What are your 3 biggest professional goals? Which one is the most challenging and why?

Looking to the future, one of the most important challenges is certainly opening of the ground handling market in Tallinn, which will certainly affect our operations today. Our goal is to be the preferred partner for all airlines in Tallinn.

When looking into an organization, the most important part is our people. They shape what kind of partner we are for airlines. A good work environment (both physically and mentally) must be created and maintained for our people. And it is just as important to contribute to people’s development, for example, to provide an opportunity to grow within the organization.

  • Where can we find you during your spare time? 

If I spend my workdays in aviation, then in my free time you might rather meet me by the sea. I live away from the city, and my leisure activities are related to the sea in one way or another. I enjoy both kayaking and windsurfing, and I’m also active in the local community as a SAR volunteer.

  • What is your advice to youngsters and students?

Life is full of surprises and challenges that you have to take, even if it feels like the shoe is too large to fit. If you truly want something then eventually the shoe fits perfectly. Live actively and fearlessly.

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