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14 December 2021
by Eero Pärgmäe
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Get to know our people: Wiaczeslaw Wierieszczinskij

Wiaczeslaw Wierieszczinskij is a Helicopter Pilot at Diamond Sky and also a Helicopter Pilot Training Manager at Diamond ATO. He shares some insights on how it’s like to be a helicopter pilot and talks about his challenges.

What has been the most difficult decision you have made as a helicopter pilot?

Most difficult for me was the decision to change the environment I worked in: from ICAO to EASA jurisdiction. It took three years to go through the ‘conversion’ process to obtain EASA ATPL(H) Licence. Hard times…

Do you take your family with you if you are on a long-term mission?

I would be happy to say ’yes’, but mainly it’s not possible. The helicopter missions I have worked for are always in remote or dangerous places, like UN support or even combat…

To land the copter to the yacht – is it more challenging than to the skyscraper?

I think yes. The yacht is always moving on different sides and up and down. The roof of the building is stable – big differences.

Why do you sit on the right seat in the cockpit?

Helicopters I fly now have a pilot seat on the right. It is factory designed. But some helicopters have it on the left, it depends.

From where do you start the course when you begin your lecture on Flying with a helicopter?

Normally, I inform students that while flying a helicopter, they need to be at least six steps ahead to understand all aspects and be safe. But nevertheless, it is the best job. I would say: ”It’s a good payable hobby for me”.  

What will be the next step in your career?

No idea… I am living one day at a time. The ways of the Lord are inscrutable.

Do you see something special in Estonia? As you can see it from the sky!

I see an extraordinarily beautiful country and know that the same beautiful and kind people live here!

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