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13 September 2021
by Eero Pärgmäe
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Newest member in EAC – Nordic Custom

Nordic Custom is a manufacturing company with a focus on special and exotic material welding, design and product development, offering products in all sizes.

The team is ambitious and always striving for perfection in their work and delivering an exceptional level of craftsmanship. The people in Nordic Custom are seasoned professionals who want to push the envelope and leave their mark behind.

Nordic Custom is a member of PTD Group with sister companies located in the Netherlands and United States of America. PTD is over 300 craftsmen, all-around engineering and manufacturing in mission-critical environments, operating with and under international, challenging standards and certifications.

Nordic Custom has a purpose-built workshop located just outside of Tallinn with a fabrication area of 4500m2 and a lifting capacity of up to 170 tons. More than 2000 welding procedures are possessed there, covering most of the materials and welding joints used in the energy, petrochemical and marine industry. In addition, they have an acid pickling facility and offer services like laser cleaning, soda blasting, product development and engineering.

Nordic Custom has ISO9001, ISO140001, AQAP-2110 and EN3834 certificates.

Customers from Energy, Marine and Petrochemical industries can order various equipment, including spools and piping, scrubbers, heat exchangers & pressure vessels.

With their material and welding know-how, they are a useful partner for the Aerospace industry, being able to help with titanium, Inconel, Incoloy, Monel, Tantalum, Zirconium, magnesium, nickel alloys welding. Nordic Custom’s on-site service team can help with special projects, even if it means lifting a full-size airplane.

For more information, please visit their website:

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