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24 March 2021
by Eero Pärgmäe
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Ospentos introduces fully contactless shipment delivery at its Tallinn air cargo terminal

Ospentos International, a Baltic region RFS provider and air cargo handler at Tallinn international airport, is the first company in the region to introduce contactless delivery option at its air cargo handling facility.

Together with Estonian logistics provider EKA Veod, Ospentos is pioneering the way the shipments are released to clients from the air cargo terminal. The solution, developed by Qstep, Tallinn-based software provider for air cargo handling and e-commerce logistics companies, involves no physical interraction and is 100 percent contactless.

For years truck drivers needed to interract with cargo terminal office staff to pick up their import shipments. In recent years the industry has seen the introduction of self-service kiosks as a way to speed up and simplify the delivery process at cargo terminals, but 2020 has, however, changed all that.

„Covid-19 pandemic was among key factors that pushed us to speed up the adoption of more contactless solutions in our operational environment”, says Valter Veedler, CEO of Ospentos. „We wanted to start with import shipments because it is a more straightforward process and we also knew that solutions like self-service kiosks, which gained popularity in recent years, still required truck drivers to operate public touchscreens“, added mr. Veedler.

With Qstep developed solution, all the driver needs to do is to scan the QR code with his or her phone at the terminal loading door, insert a unique shipment related PIN-code together with his or her name and signature, then wait for the terminal staff to release the shipment to a truck or van outside.

“In today’s context of the spread of the virus, drivers and warehouse workers are front-line workers at the price of gold. Since March this year our drivers have been able to go contactless at Ospentos freight terminal when receiving import shipments. With contact delivery feature receiving goods has been made easier and risk-free, all you need to identify yourself is a smartphone and a PIN code, ”says Annika Rannamaa, CEO of EKA Veod. “It is important to minimize the contacts of drivers during pick-up and distribution, because this is one of the biggest risks of infection in our work at the moment“, adds Annika.

Following successful testing with logistics provider EKA Veod, the contactless cargo pickup option is now available for all logistics and freight forwarding companies working with Ospentos cargo terminal.

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