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26 January 2022
by Eero Pärgmäe
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Piloodikool officially joins Estonian Aviation Cluster

Piloodikool OÜ is a flight training company whose goal is to provide high-quality training in order to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for safe aircraft operation. Our vision for conducting trainings is a personal approach, keeping in mind the needs and desires of the student, learning which is focused on safety and offering joy and enjoyment.

The need for flexible and individualized training has arisen, in particular, in the context of the COVID crisis, which prevents people from grouping together and spending time together in class. We offer various trainings in the form of distance learning in our e-school environment, and we carry out contact training using IT solutions without having to physically meet. This approach allows us to offer the utmost flexibility to our students, and at an accelerating pace of life, it is extremely beneficial. In the case of flight training, we approach each student individually and arrange the flight training according to the student’s needs and wishes.

For more information about the trainings go to website or contact us at

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