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15 February 2022
by Eero Pärgmäe
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SKYCORP officially joins Estonian Aviation Cluster

SKYCORP produces bespoke next-generation hydrogen long-endurance Smart Drones towards a fully holistic green aerial ecosystem of the future.

SKYCORP is building the world’s first fully autonomous ecosystem of hydrogen drones operating in cities and regions contributing towards climate neutrality and humanitarian targets by providing data for increased renewables and agriculture production, medical deliveries and services and disaster response/climate mitigation.

Marek Alliksoo, CEO and co-founder of SKYCORP:  “Skycorp joined the Estonian Aviation Cluster (EAC) with the vision to shape the UAS (Unmanned aircraft systems) and hydrogen aviation future in close cooperation with EAC and its network. We can do a lot more in cooperation with the Estonian ecosystem than going at it alone. We believe that green unmanned and manned aviation must be a part of the Estonian aviation strategy and every member of Cluster has its part to play in it. There are so many paradigm shifts happening and we have to move fast and join forces to use our advantage towards claiming multibillion industries: whether that’s raising awareness within our government that a non-aviation country could be the first in the world to achieve carbon-neutral domestic air travel by 2030 or just showing the massive potential of drones in Urban Air Mobility. The ZeroEST initiative was formed last year to develop climate-neutral air mobility and it is the first step towards jointly using our strengths towards these common targets.”

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