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06 January 2021
by Eero Pärgmäe
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We ranked in the TOP as the most attractive employers in 2020

We are thrilled to share the news that aviation was amongst the most popular employers in 2020. Yet another very good reason why to work in aviation industry despite dark skies and worst year in history due to health crisis.

Magnetic MRO won 2nd place out of 107 companies in the campaign “Praise the Employer” (“Kiida Tööandjat”) conducted by the leading Estonian job-seekers portal, CV Keskus and Marketing Institute. In addition, we won two 1st podium spots: Tallinn Airport generated the greatest interest in job seekers in the field of „Transport“ and Magnetic MRO in the field of „Maintenance and Repair“.

Ene Krinpus, HR Manager at Magnetic MRO, expressed that the vast number of votes that placed Magnetic MRO to a 2nd place was an unexpected but very positive surprise. “We have never been a “comfortable” company to work in and for. We don’t have ping-pong tables or 3-days long summer holidays. In our line of work, where we actually are responsible for the safety of human lives, we need much more than just “comfortable.”

One of the founders of Cluster and global company with 15 business lines and 26 locations worldwide has been constantly focusing on improving their employee’s skills and capabilities and give possibilities to learn about new aircraft as well as offer opportunities to work in foreign countries. “So, I do believe that the main motivation for satisfaction in Magnetic MRO is the chance to fulfil the sense of mission that every aviation enthusiast has and the possibility for an interesting international aviation career,” noted Krinpus.

“I have dreamed about making aviation so-called new ICT in Estonia if speaking about popularity among job-seekers. There was a boom, where software developers were hired right from their school desk. Together with Estonian Aviation Academy and joint efforts by cluster members, we aim to show that aviation sector offers quite a many challenging positions other than pilots, flight attendants and air traffic controllers, “ said Kristo Reinsalu, General Manager of Cluster.

Regardless of unprecedented year for the whole aviation industry globally and also for cluster members, it is very encouraging to see that employees of Estonian aviation are still with us despite the tough times. Estonian aviation is home to your next opportunity. “Having 1/10 of aviation companies represented in the kaleidoscope of the most popular employers in Estonia, gives us big mental boost and clearly proves that we are on the right course,” added Reinsalu.

Author: Sha Dow

Author: CV Keskus (taken from Linkedin)

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